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Reliable and Rapid Insights into Drug Discovery

Due to cancer’s complexity, researchers are finding that a combination of drugs will be the most likely solution for a desired immune response. In order to develop effective treatments, researchers need a reliable model that allows them to analyze the drug response profile, including drug-mediated changes on tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte subpopulations and expression of immune checkpoint proteins.

Utilizing our integrated immuno-oncology platforms, Nilogen’s team of experts can provide a comprehensive analysis of drug effects on the tumor microenvironment, and interpret results in a way that informs cancer drug development.

Our platforms enable you to:

  • Test the immunostimulatory activity of rational combination treatments at single or multiple drug concentrations
  • Test the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors, both antibody-based and small molecule
  • Perform ex vivo co-culture experiments with 3D tumor spheroids and matching peripheral blood mononuclear cells obtained from the same patient
  • Test the pharmacodynamic activity of small molecule inhibitors
  • Analyze drug effects on all components of the tumor microenvironment, including cancer-associated fibroblasts
  • Test the effect of a drug on tumor cell viability
  • Develop and optimize genetically modified T-cells in solid tumors
  • Create a PDX mouse model in parallel with the propagation of autologous TIL, CAF and tumor cell lines for in vivo drug testing and adoptive cell therapy

To learn more about how our platforms are facilitating research, please see our presentations.

Partner with Nilogen

Our experienced team can discuss your cancer drug development needs and assist with every step of the project, from the design and execution of the study to the preparation of the final report, including interpretation of the data.

Many pharma and biotechnology companies have trusted Nilogen for their immuno-oncology drug development, contact us to see how we can help you.